Revolutionizing Recruitment with SaaS Solutions

E-Charitra sets itself apart with a distinctive feature, empowering recruiters and HR professionals to deliver insightful remarks and reports to their employees, thereby making them accessible to the industry.

A web 3.0 Solution for making hiring transparent

What if we explained personalities?
Wouldn't it revolutionize hiring?

Suppose You've submitted a job application, and the HR team is already impressed with your prior work, thanks to an AI's comprehensive presentation of your personality , eCharitra removes the “Suppose”!


Do you know if your shortlisted candidate is window-shopping?
Well, now you do!

Our application allows you to identify whether your shortlisted candidates are casually exploring other opportunities for improved offers while you engage with them, without your awareness of such job-seeking behavior


How did we figure it out ?

E-Charitra redefines the hiring process through an innovative fusion of AI and blockchain technologies. It evaluates candidates by scoring their historical performance, employs AI-driven tasks to assess skills, and maintains the utmost security and integrity of end-to-end applicant records through blockchain.

Our Best,
for your Best

What eCharitra can do?

Charitra Score

We aim to assign a distinctive score to each applicant, which reflects their impressive track record and corporate achievements

End-to-End Documentation

Capturing documentation of applicants to make journey smoother

Seamless Offer Management

Eliminate offer letter Chaos! Our platform seamlessly tracks and updates the status of all offer letters in real time.

Unparalleled Data Security

We harness the potential of blockchain to securely oversee all applicant records, ensuring both safety and transparency.

Who We Are?

We're transforming the world of recruitment with cutting-edge SaaS solutions on a Web 3.0-based platform. Our platform assists companies in evaluating candidates using a Score-Based Assessment derived from their past experiences and performance. E-Charitra also includes a mailing system that monitors the status of offer letters.

“It's the future of talent acquisition, transforming the way companies find and hire the best-fit candidates”

Candidate Profiling

Our portal provides valuable insights into applicants, encompassing their Charitra score, past work history, recent offer letters and their statuses, and offer approval rates. Additionally, it incorporates an Employee Management feature.


HR's Feedback to Employees

HR now possesses the capability to furnish valuable feedback by rating employees based on their departure, along with the option to provide written feedback. This feedback will undergo evaluation by AI and be displayed on their E-Charitra profile.


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