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We make hiring easy by showing recruiters and HR Professionals a candidate's past work feedback. It's like a shortcut to know if they're a good fit. Choose smart with E-Charitra – hiring made simple!

A web 3.0 Solution for making "Hiring Transparent "

Offering an in-depth Insight into Every Candidate's

Dive into a candidate's work journey, exploring their real experiences and helpful feedback. It's more than just resumes; it's about grasping the story behind each candidate. With Candid Insight, make smart decisions that match your company's goals, ensuring you find the perfect match for your team's success. “Discover the Full Picture”


Wondering if your chosen candidate is
exploring other options?

With our solution, you no longer need to be in the dark. We provide you with the insight to know if your shortlisted candidate is window-shopping elsewhere. Stay informed and make decisions that keep your hiring process on the right track.


How did we figure it out ?

At E-Charitra, we understand that finding the right talent is the heartbeat of your organization. Our mission is to simplify the hiring process, giving you the tools to make informed decisions with confidence. Whether you are a recruiter or an HR professional, E-Charitra is designed with your needs in mind.

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What eCharitra can do?

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Charitra Score

We aim to assign a distinctive score to each applicant, which reflects their impressive track record and corporate achievements

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End-to-End Documentation

Capturing documentation of applicants to make journey smoother

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Seamless Offer Management

No more offer letter chaos! Our platform keeps track of all offer letters and their status in real time.

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Unparalleled Data Security

We leverage the power of blockchain to securely manage all applicant records. to make it safer & transparent.

Applicants Report

Our portal provides valuable insights into applicants, encompassing their Charitra score, past work history, recent offer letters and their statuses, and offer approval rates. Additionally, it incorporates an Employee Management feature.

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Employer Feedback to their Employee image

Employer Feedback to
their Employee

Employers now have the capability to share insightful feedback by rating employees upon their departure, with the additional option to provide written comments. This feedback will undergo evaluation by AI and will be displayed on their
E-Charitra profile.

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